Friday, June 5, 2020

Dr Katherine Ramsland's Health Care Serial Killer Red Flag Checklist!



Katherine Ramslan's book- Inside the Mind of Healthcare Serial Killers

  • has moved from one facility to another
  •  is associated with several incidents at different institutions
  • has been involved with other criminal activities
  • is secretive or has a difficult time with personal relationships
  • has a history of mental instability or periodic depression
  • is in possession of suspected substances in his or her home locker or personal effects
  • is found to have lied about personal information credentials or falsified reports
  • seems inordinately enthused about his or her skills and likes to arrive early or staying late for 
  • a shift
  • has a history of disciplinary problems
  • likes to talk about death with colleagues or shows odd behavior related to death excitement/ownership 
  • undue curiosity, strange death related fantasies
  • has a higher incidence of code Blues or deaths in his or her shift
  • has made inconsistent statements when asked about incidences
  • seems to crave attention- the nurse, not the patient! 
  • likes to predict when someone will die
  • makes odd comments or jokes about killing patients or being jinxed
  • tries to prevent others from checking on patience
  • keeps to him or herself and prefers shifts were fewer colleagues and supervisors are 
  • around usually the night shift
  • appears to have a personality disorder, we’ve all met some of these-- just take note;
  • has a substance abuse problem
  • hangs around during the immediate death investigation

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  1. Shelf brackets could come in handy when you have a murder Shelf! Well keep it in mind!