Friday, January 31, 2020

     The Sneak Preview of Episode 3- 
The Trial of Lizzie Borden
 by Cara Robertson




Monday, January 27, 2020

Sources: Mini-Cast GSK update  1.22.20

Steve L


Karen L. Amendola, Ph.D., David Weisburd, et al, The Impact of Shift Length in Policing on Performance, Health, Quality of Life, Sleep, Fatigue, and Extra-Duty Employment. US Department of Justice, June 2012.  

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Murder Shelf Book Club Sources for Episode 2- 2ndCast
Capture of the Golden State Killer
Who is GSK? 

I'll Be Gone in The Dark by Michelle McNamara


Man in the Window, Episode 5- Bonnie and Joes, LA Times, Wondry, june 25, 2019

Phil Willon, Poll finds Californians support the death penalty—and Newsom’s moratorium on executions, LA Times, June 17, 2019.

Jill and Tara

Friday, January 17, 2020

Murder Shelf Book Club Resources

If you or someone you know is the victim of sexual assault in the United States, you can contact the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline- 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

If you have any tips about crimes, please call National Crime Stoppers1-800-222-TIPS

If you have any tips about Pennsylvania crimes, please call Pennsylvanial Crime Stoppers
Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers 1-800-4-PA-TIPS

If you are involved with a cold case, please contact: Cold Case Investigative Research Institute


Michelle McNamara's 
I'll Be Gone in the Dark - UPDATE!
The Deep Dive


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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Murder Shelf Book Club support True Crime Dashboard, 


The ties that bind! A very important new dashboard that takes multiple True Crime resources, and gathers them into ONE easily accessible place is-- THE THREAD!  Tara and Jill support The Thread as it connects cold cases to the online True Crime community. 

Search.  Share. Speculate- are the 3 S's, the guide posts of it's mission.

Featured cases focus on:
Jayme Bryant
Susan Cox Powell
Amy Mihaljevic
Jon Benet Ramsey
Alissa Tuney   

Join in and let's have the online sleuths do what they do best- investigate, dig, probe, and see if they can help solve the unanswered questions- 
What happened?  Who did it? 

The Thread- where community and True Crime meet.

Where IS Murder Shelf Book Club Podcast? CLICK HERE

Jill and Tara review and discuss Episode I on Michelle McNamara's book, 

I'll Be Gone in the Dark here.  Pick a platform and click!  




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Thursday, January 9, 2020

                              Episode 1 - Brie and Raspberry Tarts!

                         A perfect snack and wine to serve at your book club! 
                             Join us as you listen to the Murder Shelf Book Club

                                          Ingredient List
Raspberry jelly or preserves
2  8 oz. wedge Brie cheese, rind removed, cut into 1 inch pieces
30 frozen phyllo tart cups, or you can cut phyllo dough sheets to fit your small cupcake baking pan
Parchment paper cupcake liners (much easier than using the big parchment sheets)

1. Preheat oven to 350 F (175 C.)
2. Line baking sheets with parchment liner or cups in cupcake baking pan.
3. Put phyllo dough into cups, placing one piece of Brie in each.
4. Top with a dab of raspberry jelly or preserves, about 1/2 tsp.
5. Pop in the oven, bake for approximately 6 minutes until Brie is melted. 
Recipe makes about 30 tarts.

           Wine Pairing: 2018 Aromatherapy Viognier
       Viognier is an exciting alternative to Chardonnay and pairs super well  with soft, creamy cheese.  A floral nose with fruity stone flavors like
 peach and pear, with a hint of citrus, makes this a perfect pairing for
 our baked brie and raspberry tarts. This wine is sold by Firstleaf Wine Club.

Listen, eat and drink!
Jill and Tara

Monday, January 6, 2020

            Murder Shelf Book Club supports DNA Doe project!

Jill and Tara fully support the DNA Doe Project in their efforts to close cold cases and returned the lost and missing to their families, an eminently worthy goal!  Founded in 2017, the volunteer DNA Doe Project is an exciting new initiative that uses genetic genealogy to identify 'John and Jane Does'.  Today, the DNA Doe Project is an important law enforcement and medical examiner resource, helping them solve their most intractable cases. 

An all-volunteer organization that has attracted some of the best genetic genealogists in the industry, they work towards the common goal of reuniting John and Jane Does with their families. The success have been incredible. Most recently, a 37 year old cold case was solved, "Buckskin Girl", so named from the handmade deerskin poncho she was wearing.  She is Marcia L. King, and her family has finally been reunited with her.   
How can you help this important cause?
DNA Doe Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian initiative. To contribute to their project’s general fund, the DNA Doe Project is accepting donations through PayPal or check. Checks may be made payable to: DNA Doe Project and sent to:

DNA Doe Project
125 So. Main St. #114
Sebastopol, CA 95472
To Donate via Paypal click  here.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

The following sources provide a terrifying insight into the crimes of the Golden State killer and helped Tara and Jill immensely in preparing the I'll be Gone in the Dark episode.

Michelle McNamara, I'll Be Gone in the Dark, One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer, Harper Collins, New York, 2018.

ABC7 Presents - Chasing the Golden State Killer

Golden State Killer Site

ID Golden State Killers- It's not over yet

"I'm going to kill you" from ABC To Catch a Killer

Killer Instinct - Inside the hunt for the GSK with Investigator Paul Holes

Oxygen: GSK the Main Suspect