Sunday, January 12, 2020

Murder Shelf Book Club support True Crime Dashboard, 


The ties that bind! A very important new dashboard that takes multiple True Crime resources, and gathers them into ONE easily accessible place is-- THE THREAD!  Tara and Jill support The Thread as it connects cold cases to the online True Crime community. 

Search.  Share. Speculate- are the 3 S's, the guide posts of it's mission.

Featured cases focus on:
Jayme Bryant
Susan Cox Powell
Amy Mihaljevic
Jon Benet Ramsey
Alissa Tuney   

Join in and let's have the online sleuths do what they do best- investigate, dig, probe, and see if they can help solve the unanswered questions- 
What happened?  Who did it? 

The Thread- where community and True Crime meet.

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