Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Book Review: Solving the West Georgia Murder of Gwendolyn Moore: A Cry from the Well by Clay Bryant


Featured on the Murder Shelf Book Club Podcast, Episodes 66, 67, and 68

1970 true crime murder that turned cold the day Gwendolyn Moore died, her battered and broken body found at the bottom of an old well. It was an open secret that husband, Marshall Moore, was violent and abusive. So why would 32 years go by before the cold case thawed? Investigator Clay Bryant, son of the Chief of Police of Hogansville, Georgia, is a born storyteller.  He captivates as he tells the tale that leads from a silent well of fear to justice and acceptance, while leaving a trail of wise breadcrumbs throughout the story. A remarkable book that teaches as you read, it reminds us all that common decency does exist in communities, between neighbors, friends, and families, and that doing the right thing is a goal, in and of itself. 

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