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Epi 56, 57, & 58- The Last Time We Saw Her by Robert Scott: Sources and Show Notes


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Locations in Last Time We Saw Her

Searching for Brooke Wilberger

Concert to raise $/awareness in the search for Brooke Wilberger

Brooke's remains are found.

Location of Brooke's body  /  Diagram: Abduction of Brooke Wilberger

Brooke Wilberger, age 19

Psychic Bonnie Wells (Facebook)

Sung Koo Kim

Aaron Evans

Loren H. Krueger

Joel Patrick Courtney, 39

Richard Wilson

Missing: Katheryne "Katie" Eggleston (KATU-TV)

Murdered: Stephanie Condon

Kimberli Lingard

Diana "Dee" Jensen 

Leah Freeman & Nick McGuffin (Sr Prom) 2000

Kristin Denise Smart- Missing Poster 1996

Paul Flores is arrested for the murder of Kristin Smart 
in 2021.

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