Thursday, January 13, 2022

Upcoming novel by John David Bethel - Wretched! Due out in 2022!


A review of WRETCHED by John David Bethel


When the monster is murdered, who will work to bring the killer to justice when faced with a wall of silent approval? 

Wretched delivers the disturbing high paced realism that John David Bethel is known for, pitting law enforcement and the FBI on the side of justice, even for a dangerous chronic bully like Ken Plough.  What unfolds is a story of investigation in an Iowan town, fraught with obstacles that gradually reveals a daringly complex tale that rivals true crime stories on serial killers, leaving you completely obsessed as you try to figure out who is kidnapping the missing women.  Cuddle up as you read this one, so engrossed in reading, my cat jumped up on me and I nearly DIED of fright right there! 

I highly recommend Wretched to anyone who enjoys true crime. Based on true events! 

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