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Full disclosure: I have been an Aphrodite Jones fan for 30 years!  Therefore, I have read many of her books, and I watched her television show, True Crime with Aphrodite Jones.  No surprise, I was eager to read her newest from 2023- Levi's Eyes- A son's deadly secret and a father's cruel betrayal. I was familiar with the case, having watched several documentaries on the Karlsen case.  How wrong I was! 

After reading Aphrodite Jones' book, I am blown away at the depth and breadth of details that come together at the end, enabling justice to be achieved. We gain insight into the killer's mind, what drove him, the circumstances that triggered two murders, 17 years apart.  Her writing style enables her book to more resemble a novel, flowing so that you understand what the people in the story are thinking-- which is not fanciful on her part, but from many conversations with principal players in these tragedies. Throughout court procedures, Aphrodite Jones was in contact with the defendant and his former wife, Cindy Karlsen-- whose story has not been told previously.  Ms. Jones also compassionately remembers the victims, who we come to understand as people, with talents, and foibles, dreams and ambitions. 

I highly recommend that anyone who appreciates true crime read this book.

As the host of the Murder Shelf Book Club podcast, I covered Ms. Jones's book in Episodes 87-90 and interviewed her in depth.

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