Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Ep 77-78: Click, Click, Click by Anne Varner & Karen DeVanie SOURCES, SHOW NOTES, PHOTOS and MORE!

                          CLICK, CLICK, CLICK 

by Anne Varner & Karen DeVanie

Raymond Trent Whitley

Mike Jervey's father's obituary 1988

Articles after the arrests.

Article on Willie Lloyd Turner's execution

Frederick West Greene- parole information 

Murder Shelf Book Club Merch link!

Anne Varner & Karen DeVanie, Click, Click, Click, Sugar Coated LLC, 2022.

Colonial Parkway Murders,, 2023.

David K Jordan, Former Cadet Charged with Murder, Viriginia Military Academy, 1992.

Insult Sparked Teen's Murder, Daily Press, Nov 25, 1992.

Joe Taylor, Missing boy's classmate charged with his murder, Daily Press, August 20,1992.

Peter Baker, At Virginia's death house, an eye for an eye, face to face, Washington Post, June 3, 1995. 

Phil McCombs, Murderer's Fate Shakes Town's Faith in Justice, Washington Post, Juen 14, 1982.

Ron Shawgo, Missing Person, Daily Press, Sept 9, 1991.

Son's disappearance baffles family, Daily Press, March 26, 1990.

Trent Whitley's Grave,, 2005.

Update on an old true crime story, The Overeducated HousewifeMarch 24, 2022.

Victoria St Martin, Because of a criminal record, a Va. woman can't adopt now. She's fighting the state's 10-year ban, Washington Post, March 12, 2017. 

Virginia Executes A killer on death row for 15 years, New York Times, May 26, 1995.


  1. I love true crime, but I'd never heard of this case. Buying the book. Thanks Jill.

  2. Oh most welcome. I try to find interesting, robust cases that aren't necessarily well known. All victims are worthy of being remembered.