Monday, April 17, 2023



MURDER BOOKIES!  I am NOW on Patreon! We are there!  I could not do this without your support. I've kept it simple. $3 a month goes to generally supporting the podcast.  At the next $5.00 tier, we get face time together!  Every 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm EST, I will host a zoom call for us, where we can talk ALL things true crime- books, cases, trials-- and, you can help me select the next book or topic I will feature on the podcast.  I can also share my summer FICTION book list-- we all need a break occassionally!  And, many are mystery whodunnits! LOL! I cannot wait to hang out with you.  This should be such a blast! Join me on Patreon! HELP me keep the Murder Shelf Book Club growing, improving while we connect.

See you May 4, 2023, our inaugural zoom!  WOOHOO!

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