Sunday, December 18, 2022

Hosts of the Sugar-Coated Murder podcast publish new book, Click, Click, Click and I love it!



Click, Click, Click by Anne Varner and Karen DeVanie!

From heartfelt, altruistic motivation comes this new book, set in that authors’ hometown, Franklin, Virginia, when high school student,  Raymond Trent Whitley went missing in 1990.

Moving at a breath-taking pace, packed with personal anecdotes and humor, you get a sense of what it was to  be Trent, growing up in Franklin, an enclave of 8,000 people.  Authors, Anne Varner and Karen DeVanie, also neatly bring you into the mind of a killer, bend on launching his criminal career, even as he strives for normalcy in the aftermath.  The killer’s evolution is meticulously detailed as the blueprint of murder is formulated, and finally enacted.   The story moves to the anguish of the Whitley’s, the gaping hole in their family dynamic as they wait years to find out what happened to their precious son, as the investigation unfolds.

Hosts of the Sugar-Coated murder podcast, Anne and Karen, deftly and responsibly navigate the many emotions tethered to any case with a missing child, and they do so brilliantly.  These ladies also grant us a rare insight into the psychological ramifications of committing a murder, as the killer devolves into a shadow of his former self, haunted, and paranoid for good reason.  These ladies have robustly achieved their goal of remembering Trent as a person, putting him at the center of the story in this tribute to his life, and the struggle for answers to tragically painful questions.

Click, Click, Click is the first in the ‘Say My Name Series’, an auspicious undertaking by the authors, and amazing first! Jill highly recommend it to anyone who believes in justice and has a hankering for all things true crime.

You can listen to Anne and Karen, hosts of the Sugar-Coated Murder Podcast here: .


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