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Ep 50-52 A Death in White Bear Lake by Barry Siegel- Sources, Photos, Articles



*** 1-800-4.A.CHILD  OR 1-800-422-4453 ***

Dennis and Robert Jurgens. 

Jerry Sherwood- natural mother of Dennis Jurgens.

White Bear Lake wins, the All-American City 1965

Dennis Craig Jurgens's grave.

Robert Jurgens, adopted son of Lois and Harold Jurgens

Lois Jurgens charged with homicide

St Cloud Times, Mn. article on Robert's testimony

Is Lois insane? 

Lois Jurgens, younger, and during trial.

Daniel Loss, guilty of murder, June 30, 1971- establishing battered child syndrome 
as a legal construct..

The investigation of Harold Jurgens' death January 2000.
Note: A retraction came the next day, as that is not a photo of Harold Jurgens.


1964 Blizzard hits Mid-west and East Coast
, Newsreel Public Domain, Sept 2022.

Autopsy 2- A Mother's Instinct, Sept 25, 2002.

Autopsy shows Jurgens died of heart disease, not poisoning, St Cloud Times, Feb. 15, 2000.

Barry Spiegel, Sept 2022.

Barry Spiegel, A Death in White Bear Lake, Bantam Books, New York, 1990.

Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics, US Dept of Health and Human Services, 2022.

Child Maltreatment 2020, Children's Bureau, US Dept of Health and Human Services, 2022.

Conrad deFiebre, Jurgens seeks seclusion after leaving prison, Star Tribune, June 7, 1995.

Dan Oberdorfer, Prosecutor says Jurgens beat child from onset; Star and Tribune, May 13, 1987.

Dan Oberdorfer, Witnesses describe Harold Jurgens' account of call before boy died, Star and Tribune, May 28, 1987.

Dan Oberdorfer and Pat Doyle, Psychiatrist testifies Jurgens believes son could not feel pain, Star and Tribune, June 4, 1988.

Daniel Heimpel, Abused children may become abusive adults, The Imprint, March 4, 2014.

Debra Neutkins, A Death in White Bear Lake: Notorious crime in city history marks 50 years, White Bear Press Club, April 22, 2015. 

Denise Mann, HealthDay Reporter, Child Abuse Rose during Pandemic, US, Oct 8, 2021.

Dennis Cassano, Brother tells of Dennis Jurgens 's beatings, Minneapolis Star and Tribune, May 21, 1987.

Gregg Aamot, Husband of Child Killer Dies,, Jan. 14, 2000.

Irene Paiva Qu Reserva Curico Valley Chardonnay, Naked 2021.

Irmgard, Glorified Rice,, Sept 2022.

Jurgens lawyers: Judge Failed, Winona Daily News, March 16, 1988.

Lois Jurgens released after serving eight years, The Winona Daily News, June, 7, 1995.

Man held is death of retarded foster child, Minneapolis Star, May 21, 1971.

Matt McMillan, White Bear Lake true crime page-turner turns 30, White Bear Press Club, June 17, 2020.

Notification of death or terminal illness, Office of Revisor of Statues- Minnesota, 1992

Pennsylvania: Coroner/Medical Examiner Laws,, Sept 24, 2022.

Roger Worthington, Search for son gets an abuse case closed, Chicago Tribune, June 7, 1987.

Sheriff says probe of  Jugens' death was respectful, Star Tribune, Feb 15, 2000.

Sherrie Mazingo, White Bear Lake Celebrates Honor- All-American City, Minneapolis Star, April 8, 1965.

State vs Loss, Supreme Court of Minnesota, Feb 2, 1973.

State vs Jurgens, Court of Appeals- Minnesota, July 6, 1988.

The State of Child Abuse in 2022, Mandated Reporter, Sept 2022.

What is Learned Helplessness, Medical News Today, Sept 1, 2022.

What qualifies as Reasonable Suspicion of Child Abuse, Mandated Reporter, Sept 2022.

Woman Who Killed Adopted Son Released After Eight Years in Prison,, June 6, 1995. 

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